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Autumn 2017 (Issue 98)

Travels with Phyl & Ken Part II
The Fancies and Follies of Jersey, Part II
The Rough Diamond (Ilton Druid's temple)
Comillas: Much More Than a Capricho
The Lost Towers of worsbrough Common
The Dorset and Wiltshire Magical Mystery Tour
Fairall's Follies

Follies 98

Summer 2017 (Issue 97)

The Fancies and Follies of Jersey, part 1
Portrait of a Folly (Barwick Park)
Comillas: Much More Than a Capricho
Travels with Phil and Ken, Part 1
Fairall's Follies


Spring 2017 (Issue 96)

Christina Speight (Obituary)
Theatre Review (Alexander Pope: The Search for Perfection)
The Sound of Silence in Chipping Campden
Fairall's Follies
The English Landscape Garden in Denmark
Two Towers and some Monsters in South London

Follies 96

Autumn 2016 (Issue 95)

The Wellington Testimonial Clock Tower
Capabilty Brown + The Folly Fellows (the Yorkshire Weekend)
The Mosaic Maestro's Workshop
The English Grain Elevator
Two Towers, Or Not Two Tolkien Towers
Holmbush House & Other Curiosities
Fairall's Follies: The Tower That Got The Bird

Summer 2016 (Issue 94)

Stephen Upton Obituary
A Brown Anthology (poems)
A Capability Brown Ferme Ornee in Highgate?
Lancelot Brown and the Regimen of Cold Bathing
Lancelot Changes Direction
Scampston Mill and Deer Park House
Brown in Stone: Haddonstone Makes First Bust of Lancelot
A Picture Collector's Recollections
A Brown Study: The Capability Banqueting House at Burghley

Follies 94

Spring 2016 (Issue 93)

The Egyptian Hall, Devonport
Follies for Sale and Rent
West Country Shell Houses, A Survey, pt II
Knutsford and Adlington Hall Trip
Archangels and Onion Domes in Holland
Follis Follies
Roman Revival in Ilkley
The Chauffeur's Flat
Curious Ireland

Follies 93

Autumn 2015 (Issue 92)

Bute is in the Eye of the Beholder Part II
The Follies Map and Database
Pitshill Shell House Restoration
Shed or Folly, Folly or Shed?
West Country Shell Houses: A Survey, Part 1
The Joy of Shedworking
Halswell: Arcadia Under Restoration
Sanssouci: A Tour Round the German Versailles

Follies 92

Summer 2015 (Issue 91)

Bute is in the Eye of the Beholder
The Follies House Style
Hugh's Folly :The End of an Era
Gatehouses III: Oxford's Stone Books & Tom Tower
The Youth of Yorkshire
Pot Pourri
Creating my Yorkshire Shell House
Our New Patrons


Spring 2015 (Issue 90)

Larry Dutson (1931 - 2014)
An A to Z of Portmeirion
The Folly Fellowship Goes to Italy
50 Years of the Landmark Trust
The Visitor's Book
The Follies of Didlington Hall
St Giles Grotto

Follies 90

Magazines 2010 - 2014 (Issues 75-89)


Autumn 2014 (Issue 89)

Colonial Cemetery Monuments in Bengal
Serendipity in Waterford and Wexford
The Leasowes: Walking with Shenstone
William Shenstone at 300: The Creator of the Leasowes
I Felt the Earth Move

Follies 89



Summer 2014 (Issue 88)

Gatehouses II -Cambridge
From Crimea with Love -(the Swallow's nest)
Our Fourth Grand Tour de France

Spring 2014 (Issue 87)

In Memorium -Mavis Batey
Norfolk Wekend
Dutch Grottoes and Watecourses
Life and Light in Sondermarken
Pimm's and Folly Cake
Gatehouses 1 - Boarstall


Autumn 2013 (Issue 86)

Cold Bath at Wrest Park
Down Hidden Tracks
Giant Cuckoo Clock
Grove House Estate
Hestercombe Trip
Penybont Hall Tower
Pillboxes Part II
Tortoise Tunnel
West Wycombe Ho!

Summer 2013 (Issue 85)

London Open Squares
Hadlow Tower Unveiled
Richard Webber Page
Derrick Green Page
In Praise of the Grotesque
Bishop Beckynton
Pillboxes Part 1
A Folly at Appleton, Oxfordshire
Painshill Progress


Spring 2013 (Issue 84)

Dovecotes and Jean Hansell
Sintra Trip -Sept 2012
Derrick Green Page
Unmasking the Picturesque
Mill Wood, Halswell House, Goathurst
Richard Webber Page
Follies of Boughton Park trip
Traingular Towers VI
Scarfe's Follies

Autumn 2012 (Issue 83)

Stowe's Chinese Pavilion
Guy's Cliffe - Leamington Spa
Barbara Jones
Owning Beauty
Archbank -Colin Stokes
Visit to Windsor

Summer 2012 (Issue 82)

A Day in Sintra
Ornamental Dairies 1
Triangular Towers V
The Grotto, Wallingwells Hall
Mrs Coade's Villa, Lyme Regis
Follies for Follies
Rockhall Cottage, Staffs

Spring 2012 (Issue 81)

Follies in search of Research (Ham Green Sham Fort and Yew Houses at Gt Chalfield and Didmarton)
Triangular Towers IV
The Derrick Green Page (Pooley Park Tower, Maesycrugiau manor, Woodlawn House)
Digital Follies- Follies of England e-books
A tribute to Jeffrey W Whitelaw
Herefordshire Ramble Sept 2011
The Lodge and Compass on Penpole Hill


Winter 2011 (Issue 80)

Triangular Towers- Part 3
Thomas Wright's farm Buildings (Badminton)
The Follies of James Pulham
FF outings: Paxton's Tower & Cilwendeg;
Eridge & Chiddingstone
Eaton Hall & Tabley House
The Root House at Blaise Castle
The Alan Terrill Page
Return to Linderhof II

Follies 80

Summer 2011 (Issue 79)

Triangular Towers- Part 2
Brockely Park, Somerset
Birkenhead Park
Around Strangford Lough, Ireland -Part 2
Return to Linderhof - Part 1

Follies 79


Spring 2001 (Issue 78)

Why Triangles?
The Rebirth of Strawberry Hill
Follies in Search of Research
Woolbeding Gardens
Painshill Park - New Revelations
Lost and Found
Palazzina Cinese, Palermo
Around Strangford Lough, Ireland - Part 1

Follies 78

Autumn 2010 (Issue 77)

Fantasias and Pleasure gardens
West Country Wander
Around Anglesey
Blithfield Follies
Vaclav Levy, Czech Sculptor



Summer 2010 (issue 76)

Sound Mirrors II
Vocanic Eruptions
Follies of Redbridge
Benedict's Folly
Jupiter Artland
Midford Castle
Triangular Towers

Follies 76

Spring 2010 (Issue 75)

Radcliffe Observatory
Packington Hayes
Sound Mirrors
The Stamp House
Wye Valley and Dewstow

Follies 75

Magazines 2005-2009 (Issues 61 - 74)




Autumn 2009 (Issue 74)

Follies in Devon
Follies of Bromley
Hadlow Tower update
Jeffery Whitelaw Picture Collection
Menorca - S'Hostel Quarries
Roehampton -Parkstead Temple
New Follies -Glass Tower and Iron Chapel
Derrick Green Page

Follies 73

Summer 2009 (Issue 73)

Thomas Wright
Isaac De Caus
Chinese Bridges
Mill Hill
Simoen Monument

Follies 73


Spring 2009 (Issue 72):

Ashmore Belvedere
Beckford Weekend
Derbyshire Visit
Gothic Bath House
Hermit in the Landscape
Horton park
House of Chimeras
Japanese Experience
Maesfron Hall
Oreleton Hall
The Pyramid

Follies 72

Autumn 2008 (Issue 71) :

The Wanderer Returns - Painshill Park's Bacchus
What is a Folly? - Caroline Holmes
In it for the Outings
Perrot's Folly Reopens
'Southern Belles' Somerset Tour
Location, Locatio, Purpose (Lighthouses)
Geoff Barrett: Always Something on the Go
The Image Garden at Reagill
Further to Portugal
Pitt House Tower

Follies 71
Summer 2008 (Issue 70):

Strawberry Hill Laid Bare
Channel Island Follies
'What is a Folly?' Interview (with Colin Stokes)
The Follies of Badminton
Two Russian Gardens


Follies 70

Spring 2008 (issue 69)

Follies in France III
'What is a Folly?' interview
Colin's Barn
Topiary Topics
Follywood, USA
Rambouillet Restored
The Sculpture Wall of Lempa
No Croome Teas

Follies 69

Autumn 2007 (Issue 68)

Boston Castle
A New Shell House
Le Phare de Verzenay
Wansted Park Grotto
Follies in France II
Pyramids of the North
Badminton and Colin's Barn
So is it a Folly?

Magazine 68

Summer 2007 (Issue 67)

Finding Follies in Fowey
London Follies
Dorset Visit Report
Casa Loma -The House on the Hill
The Grotto, Ascot House
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili and La Scarzuola



Spring 2007 (Issue 66):

  Follies: A Stamp of Approval
  The Follies of Central Park
  Welsh Follies
  Dunstall Castle
  Jože Plečnik and the
    adaptation of the antique

magazine 66

Autumn 2006 (Issue 65):

  Longwood Tower
  The Cilwendeg Shell House -
       Hermitage Restored
  Indian Follies
  Out and About With..
  Gregory the Great

Follies 65

Summer 2006 (Issue 64):

Summer(House) Holidays
Another Pair of Pillar Cases
The Temple of Minerva
Lady Elizabeth's Grotto, Hagley
La Maison Picassiette
In the News & Book Reviews

Follies 64

Spring 2006 (Issue 63):

The Umberslade Obelisk
In the News
Dewstow Gardens
Haughmond Castle
The Rackett Monument
Meet the committee
Pillar Talk
Images of England


Follies 63

Autumn 2005 (Issue 62):

The Deer Park, Scampston
Oddities in Islay
Simon's Folly
Sir, Is that not a Chinese Temple?
Flounders Folly
Follies as Monuments -a Dutch Approach
The Tomb of the Hoatii at Albano

Foliies 62

Summer 2005 (Issue 61):

Changes to the listing system
The Bath House/Orangery, Rufford Abbey
Building my own folly
Indexes and Contents
The other Kingswear Castle
Monera Carkos Vlado

Follies 61

Magazines 2000 -2004 (Issues 42 - 61)

No 61

Changes to the listing system; Bath House/orangery Rufford Abbey; Building my Own Folly; The Ohter Kingswear Castle; Monero Carkos Vlado


Follies 61

No 60

The Pepperpot, Sedbergh; Rothley Castle, Northumberland; Toposcope/Folly, Lickey Hills Country Park, Worcestershire; Palacio da Pena; Locking away heritage information?; Robin Hood's Hut, Halswell, Somerset; Ingress Abbey, Greenhithe.

Follies 60

No 59

Lady Walpole's Grotto, Chelsea, London; The McBee House Bear cave; Orbituaries: Mrs Graham Green 1905-2003; Pauline Flick 1928-2000; ShellsGrott, Old wardour castle, Wiltshire; Italian Grottoes; Severndroog castle; Ballymaloe Shell House, Co. Cork, Ireland; Bygone Follies; The Cascade and Grotto at Bowood.

Folies 59

No 58

Beacon Tower, Sedgley, West Midlands; Montreal Park, Sevenoaks, Kent; Eyecatchers for Landranger maps; Keith Price 1946-2003; Three Normandy Chateaux; King Alfred's follies; Lydias's Garden, Shropshire; The Temple, Standford-upon-Theme, Worcestershire; Fort Henry, Exton park, Rutland

Follies 58

No 57

Hertford Tower; Nigel Temple -An Appreciation; Westwick House, Norfolk; Wonders of the Yorkshire Wolds (Boynton, Sledmere, Rudston); Tong; Aysgarth Edwardian Rock Garden; The Spy Tower, Fageley, Bradford; The Summer House, Great Ayton, Cleveland; Irish Follies.

Follies 57

No 56

Millenium Folly, Stancombe Park; Welbeck Abbey, Nottinghamshire; American maverick Architecture part 2; Update on Quinta da Regaleria.

Follies 56

No 55

American Maverick Architechture, part 1; An exhibition in Het Loo palace, Netherlands; Werrington Park, Cornwall; Czech Looout Towers; Cold War Bunker, York; Stourhead revisited.

Follies 55

No 54

Street Farm folly, Preston, Kent; Highclere Temple update; A Tribute to Robert Pilgrim, photographer; Wentworth castle, Yorks; Mapperton House & Gardens, Dorset; Obelisk column; Some Follies of East Africa.

Follies 54

No 53

Margate grotto; La Qinta da Regaleira, Portugal; Fane Grotto, basildon; Breton Park Pyramid; Oteley Hall, Ellesmere; Studley Royal; Benbow Pond Folly.

Folies 53

No 52

Highclere follies, Hampshire; Jeremiah Milles travel journal; Highclere Park buildings restoration; South-East Hampshire folly visit; Sparrendaal follies, Holland; Grace Kelly Theatre, Amsterdam; The Chalet at Halton, nr Wendover.


Follies 52

No 51

Gereral's Tower, Lilliesleaf, Scotland, Hilston Tower, Gwent, Caxton Tower House, Monmouth; Hacienda Cortina, Cuba; Spring Wood, Basingstoke; Guy's Tower, Icomb; Stery Column, Eynsham Hall Park, Oxfordshire; Summerhouse, Leeming Garth, Yorkshire; Ye Grotto, Bistol, Marsden Grotto Tyne and Wear; Rock Follies.

Follies 51

No 50

Eygptian influenced follies; Thornham Hall, Suffolk; Dutch Treat; Flounder's Folly, Shropshire; Quatford and Acton Round, Shropshire.

Follies 50

No 49

A Saharan Oasis; Wykes' Folly (fictional); Gentlemen's Follies; Castles in the Rainbow nation (South Africa); Summerhouses of Lord Northwick, Glouce & Kent; Badger Dingle, Shropshire; Clavel Tower; Two follies in Worcestershire

No 48

Goring Folly, Sussex; Millenium Tower, Martlesham, Suffolk; Alfred's Hall, Cirencester; Temple, Newton Park, Bath; Rustic Summerhouses; Capability Brown Exhibition.

Follies 48

No 47

The Forbidden Corner, Yorkshire; Corby castle, Cumbria; Stanway House, Gloucestershire; Kingsgate part 2; Tabley House Tower, Cheshire.

Follies 47

No 46

Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon; Mad Jack Fuller; Kingsgate Estate, Kent; Wentworth Castle; The Neville Hawkes Collection.

Follies 46

No 45

Spa Building, Tenbury Wells; Belcombe Court, Bradford-on-Avon; The Restoration of Grottoes; Grotto Update; Rook's Grotto, Grove House, Roehampton; Belsay and the Sitooteries; Southside House, Wimbledon Common; Sausmarez Manor Sculpture Trail; Bradfield, South Yorkshire Response.

Follies 45

No 44

British Hills vilage, Tokyo; Hope for Ham Green Gazebo; James Macrae:Local Hero; World's End Folly, Hampshire; Sandcastles; Bramham Park, Yorkshire; Kyre Park; Elton hall, Cambridgeshire.

Follies 44

No 43

Rohan's Tower, Kent; Fawley Court Ruin; The gazebo, Great Torrington, Devon; Up North; Sir John Vanbrugh's Passage to India; Castle Howard, North Yorks; The Forbidden Corner, Tupgill; Burt's Columns Rise again.

Follies 43

No 42

Farley Mount Pyramid, Hampshire; Banwell Beats; Animal Arcade; The Menagerie, Coombe Abbey, Coventry; Claremont Landscape Gardens; Elephant's castle in Budapest; Craster Arch, Northumberland; Soane and the Ruin; Gazetteer - Shropshire; Animal Crackers; Welbeck Abbey

Follies 42


Magazines 1995 -1999 (Issues 22 -41)

No 41

Towers, Belvederes and Castles edition:
The Belvedere, South Weald, Essex
The Curious History of the Belvedere, Waldershare Park :Part II
Crich stand, Derbyshire
Haughmond Castle, Shropshire
The Follies at Tetbury
The Restoration of Wade Browne's Folly
Bellmont Tower and Friends
Hazelwood Castle, Tadcaster
Leith Hill Tower, Surrey
Chanter Tower , Bideford
Chantry Tower, Huddersfield.

Follies 41

No 40

Grottoes edition:
Notes on the origin of Grottoes
Brocklesby and its Garden Buildings
The Grotto at Oatlands
Grotto Gazetteer
Italian Water Jokes and Automata at Schloss Hellbrunn, Austria
Tufa, Tuff and 'Rockified Stone'
Grotto Tea gardens, Prestbury, Gloucestershire
Kyre Park, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.

Follies 40

No 39

Welsh report
Czech Republic follies
Gazetteer -Oxfordshire
Bramhope Tunnel
Sawley Arches
Follies at Temple grounds, Richmond, Yorkshire
Plywood Obsession, St Werburgh's , Bristol
Gothic folly model
The buildings of Studley Royal - part 2
Scottish outing
Temple of Heroes, Storrs Hall, Cumbria

Follies 39

No 38

10th Anniversary Issue
Wotton house, Bucks
The Andrassy's Park at Betlaiar, Slovakia
Top Ten Follies
Gazebo at Nether Poppleton, North Yorks
Baille Scott's Treehouse for crown Princess Marie
The Pilgrm's Progress garden, Rainow, Cheshire
Bishushanzhuang, China
The lost buildings of Studley Royal.

Follies 38

No 37

Gothick Issue:
The Sham Ruin, Hagley
Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute
JP Creations -folly models
The Arnos gateway, Brislington
The Fish house, Cokethorpe
Brighton Pavilion model.

Follies 37

No 36

Gatton's Monument to Sleaze
Steeton Tower, Keighley
Based on Antiquity
Palmerston Follies, Portsmouth
Gazetteer -North Yorks
The Orangery, Clapham , London
The Obelisk Column
Rock House, Cheltenham
High Seat, Studley Royal, Yorks.

Follies 36

No 35

Out of print, but you may download a pdf here

Follies 35

No 34

The Belvedere, Waldershare park: Part 1
The revised edition of FGGB
The Obelisk Column
Knuckle Bone Arbour, Castle Ashby, Northhampshire
The Wentworth Weekend
Challenges near the A272 Part 2: West Sussex
The Duke's garden at Wrest
The Temple of Pan, Halswell
Radley Gazebo, Cheltenham.

Follies 34

No 33

Athur's Seat Folly, Caterham
Chinese Temple, Alresford Hall, Essex
Shell grotto, Pontypool
Virginia Water, Windsor
Wentworth Castle and Wentworth Woodhouse

Follies 33

No 32

Yenidze Cigarette factory, Dresden
Pride and Predudices
Grotto, Nuneham park, Oxfordshire
Frezing Follies
Hestercombe's Secret Garden
Rogue architecture or Land Art?
Eridge estate follies
Visit to Forbidden Corner, Tupgill park
Challenges near the A272.

Follies 32

No 31

The Grot Secretary's Grotto- Part 3
The Tower, Woodchester Park, Gloucs
Orientalism in Wiltshire's Boom Town
Japanese Garden, Cottered
England's Last Palladian Bridge
Berkshire's Fenestial Folly
Japan and the Byoboin Temple
Bristol &#38
Bath Follies weekend
The Wembley Park Tower

Follies 31

No 30

The Grot Secretary's Grotto -Part 2
West Wycombe
The writing of Architectural Follies in America
A Scottish Sojourn
Follies on Wheel and On Wing
An Essex Eccentricity
Hall Barn .

Follies 30

No 29

Goldney castle, Clifton
Building your own grotto
Wemmick's Folly
The DIY page
Highnam Court, Gloucs
Follies Outside Europe
The Folly of Pattern-books
Horton Menagerie.

Follies 29

No 28

The Shell-House, Goodwood
Perrott's Folly
Haldon Belvedere Revisited
Hopetoun House, Lothian
A Dutch visit to some follies in England
Fort Willem, Utrecht
Box Hill.

Follies 28

No 27

Bretton Park, Yorks
A Book of follies
Thames Stones
1995 Garden party.

Follies 27

No 26

Kelburn Country Castle
Upper Gardens Tower, Bournemouth
The Frog Dinner Service
The Wellington Monument
The Pleasures of Painshill
Farnborough Hall, Warwickshire
Three Follies
Spun out of Irish Woof

Follies 26

No 25

The Observatory, Long Ashton
Leighton Hall, Powys
Rousham: The Wild Goth's Nature Garden

Folies 25

No 24

Follies from the Far North (Sheland Isles)
Ile De France
A New Hermitage (Birmingham)
The Manticore Follies , Manchester.

Follies 24

No 23

Clark's Folly, Somerset
The Old Chancel, Sidmouth, Devon
Lawson-Price Measured Drawings Award
Fighting the Daggers (Ireland)
Some Follies and Garden Buildings in France

Follies 23

No 22

Lawrence castle
The Follies of Boughton Park
The Rustic Summer House, Hopetoun, Lothian
A la Ronde
Hadlow Tower
Portslade Grotto.

Follies 22


Magazines 1988-1995 (Issues 1 - 21)


No 21

Chelsea Flower Show 1994
Roxford's Forgotten Grotto
Bliss Tweed Mill
Folly Etymology
Andy Garnett's Follies
A Treehouse Designer
A Folly within Regulations
The Folly of P.G. Wodehouse

Follies 21

No 20

Temple of Harmony, Goathurst
Warmley Historical garden
Lost World on the Somerset Cliffs
Middleton Hall, Dyfed
Heather House, County Fermanagh
Dutch Vulcans
South London Follies
The Fishponds Fish.

Follies 20

No 19

The Follies and Garden Buildings of Ireland
Castle Otttis, Florida
Hales View Farm, Staffordshire
Ferneries, Grottoes and Mr. James Pulham
News from Thunder Mountain

Follies 19

No 18

Compiling the index to Follies Magazine
A Trip around Devon
Castlleo Guliemi, Umbria
The Rustic Lodge, Blaise Castle Estate

Follies 18

No 17

The Bodysgallen Obelisk Affair
Some Recollections of a folly trip (with Barbara Jones)
Helen's Tower
Restoring Hawkstone's Glory
A New Folly in Kent
Paulet St. John of Dogmersfield
Cobham Follies
Downton Castle
On Lost Bridges.

Follies 17

No 16

Barbara Jones Commemorative Issue

Follies 16

No 15

Desert de Retz Tour
Boughton Mount Grot, Maidstone
Living with Sway Tower
Wentworth Woodhouse Monuments
Garden Festival of Wales
Isle of Man Update
Pavilions of Splendour.

Follies 15

No 14

Forgotten Grottoes of Genoa
Lawson-Price Award Winner;

Follies 14

No 13

The Gothick Hermitage, Eastbourne
A small Grot in Abingdon
Biddulph Grange Revisted
A Chinese House, Amesbury Abbey
Larmer Tree Gardens
The Lesser Known Follies of Bristol

Follies 13

No 12

Meet a Dutch eccentric (Wim Uilenbroek)
Mad Max's Hanging gardens ( Maximilien Siffait)
Wenn Engeln Reisen (East German Gardens)
Edward James Follies, Mexico.

Follies 12

No 11

Brighton's Follies
A Forgotten Grotto at Thornton, Bucks
Hartwell House, Bucks

Follies 11

No 10

Boughton Mount Grotto
Follies of Southern Ireland
Walhampton Shell Grotto
In praise of Follies
The Werrington Sugar Loaves
A grotto in Shepherds Bush
The Navigators Project at Hays Galleries

Follies 10

No 9

1991 Lawson-Price Prize
David Salomans Tower
Newark Park Follies
Peterson's Folly
Banwell Caves

Follies 9

No 8

Desert de Retz
New Grotto in Mayfair
Maidstone Pagoda
An Italian Folly
Resurrected from Oblivion
Captain Fraser's Folly
Gazeteer- Greater Manchester -Hampshire- Hereford and Worcester-Hertfordshire-Humberside-Isle of Man-Isle of Wight-Kent-Lancashire-Leicester-Lincolnshire-Merseyside

Follies 8

No 7

The First Chinese Building in England?
Follies in Western Scotland
Straw Follies
Danube Follies
One Day in Hungary

Follies 7

No 6

The Obelisk at Castletown, Co.Kildare
My Ruin (Ram Alley)
Lulworth Castle
A Folly Weekend based on Romsey
The Folly Fellowship/Lawson-Price Prize 1990
The Follies of Pembrokeshire
Travels in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Follies 6

No 5

The Octagon, Twickenham
Ice Houses
Lord Berner's Folly
The Tower in Water, Manaton
A Folly garden in Portugal
Folly Fellowship Picture Library Turkish Tents in the Netherlands Follies in Northern Scotland

Follies 5

No 4

Garden Buildings in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
A Noonday Cannon Tower (Sweden)
Folies au Frais de L'etat
Follies in Luxemburg
Monumental Dormitories
Austerlitz Pyramid
A Mole in the Clouds (Turin)
The Cat Castle (Isle of Man)
Folly Register - East Sussex, Essex, Gloucestershire Greater London.

Follies 4

No 3

The Lawson-Price prize
Modern Follies
A Note on the Tong Hermit
Some Uncharted Follies
Moor park Tower
Booker's Tower, Guildford
Northamptonshire list
How two foreigners got involved
The Wallace Monument
Folly Register- Cambridgeshire to Durham
A Folly near Battle.

Follies 3


Croome Court
Architectural Snacks
Follies for dessert
The Pineapple
Hales View Barn
Isle of Man Follies
Folly Register -Avon, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire
Follies in France

Follies 2

No .1

Out of print, but you may download it here